Decorate A Teen’S Bedroom With Crafts

Teens love personalizing their bedrooms with artwork and crafts.

Teenagers love to decorate their bedrooms with personalized crafts. Teens enjoy spending lots of time in their bedrooms, seemingly only coming out at mealtimes or to go to school or other activities. Decorating a teen’s bedroom with crafts she made herself will give her a sense of pride and a safe haven from the pressures of growing up.


CD Clock

1. Take an old CD and decorate it with paint markers, as suggested by the Kaboose website. You can find paint markers at art supply stores or hobby and craft stores. The teen may choose to use bold geometric shapes instead of the numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9, or she may decide to use popular lingo or draw cute pictures where the numbers would normally go. Allow the paint to dry.

2. Attach the clock works to the CD as directed on the package. You will probably need a bigger washer for the front of the clock than the one that comes with the clock works. You can find this at hardware or discount stores.

3. Glue a picture frame hanger to the back portion of your clockworks, if one is not included in the package. Allow the glue to dry and hang it on a nail on the bedroom wall.

Decoupage Keepsake Box

4. Cut out pictures from magazines, or use your teen’s favorite photographs of friends, relatives, vacation spots or pets; make copies of the photos, since these pictures will be glued onto the box.

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5. Place the pictures around the box and decide where they will look best.

6. Paint a small amount of decoupage or white glue onto the back of one of the pictures with a small foam brush. Place it into the chosen location and smooth out any air bubbles with your hand.

7. Repeat the process with all of the pictures until you have fully covered the box and lid. You can overlap the pictures or leave spaces in between them. Allow the glue to thoroughly dry.

8. Give the box a shiny finish by applying two or three layers of decoupage or white glue onto all areas of the box. Let the box dry thoroughly between coats.