“Delta Force Land Warrior” Hints

Delta Force: Land Warrior” is the third game in the “Delta Force” first-person shooter franchise for PCs. Unlike most games in this genre, “Land Warrior” requires tactical skills, as rushing into a mission will lead to certain failure. How you choose your weapon and equipment load-out before each mission will dictate how the mission plays out. Squad members join you on some missions, giving you the option to issue orders to them.

Character Selection

“Delta Force: Land Warrior” has five different characters for you to pick from, and you can reselect them before each mission. Read the mission briefings carefully and study the maps displayed during the briefings. Pick a character whose strengths will be able to help you out during the mission in question. For example, if the mission calls for the assassination of a certain enemy, pick Sergeant Daniel Lonetree. He is the best sniper in the group and will go for a long-range kill.

Using the Terrain

Realism comes into play with this game, as it only takes a few shots to kill your character. Study the mission maps and use the terrain to your advantage. Never approach an enemy encampment across an open plain, as your enemies will spot you from miles away. Instead, make use of whatever cover you can find and scan the area thoroughly before making a move. Use the crouch command to keep a low profile when no cover is available.

Equipment Selection

Take the right tools for the job when you choose your equipment before each mission. If the mission calls for you to stealthily eliminate a target, leave the grenades and machine guns; instead, take a sniper rifle or other silenced weapon. If you find that you made a bad weapon selection, save your game and return to the mission menu. Click your saved game, and then select new equipment. You will continue from where you last saved with the new equipment available. This also has the added bonus of refilling all your ammunition.

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Cheat Console

Press the tilde key (left of the “1” key on the keyboard and underneath the “Esc” key) to open the cheat console. Only use this as a last resort when you are really struggling with the game, as it will remove the challenge of the game. Type “kariya” and press “ENTER” to receive unlimited ammunition for all your weapons. Type “roy” to make your character invincible when you need to get out of a tight spot.