Design Your Own Football Jersey For Kids

A uniform may be a piece of pride for young players.

The right design for a youth football jersey makes the kids comfortable while looking good. When the smallest of athletes hit the gridiron, their uniforms often resemble those of professional players. Little helmets and colorful uniforms run onto the field in miniature. These uniforms give the team a feel of unity and let onlookers know who the team is. When choosing the outfits, keep the cost in mind. Not all participating players will be able to afford high-priced uniforms.


1. Read all rules and regulations regarding uniforms for the team. Many organizations have specific placement for numbers, patches and logos.

2. Fit the jersey to the child and the team colors. The jersey should reach just below the waistband of the pants intended to be worn with the jersey. Be sure the fit includes the right padding. The primary team color should be the base color of the jersey.

3. Iron-on the assigned number to the front and the back of the jersey. Use medium or small size numbers to fit the small size of the jersey. Set the iron to medium heat. Center the numbers on the front and the back. Iron the entire number evenly. For teams, specific numbers are assigned for specific positions. The secondary team color is typically the color of the numbers. In some cases, white numbers are the most appropriate for visualization on the field.

4. Place a small team logo on the right sleeve. Hot glue the patch onto the center, outside of the sleeve.

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5. Iron-on the team name across the top front of the jersey. Evenly space small letters across the front of the jersey and iron with a medium hot iron. These letters should be the team’s secondary color or white.