Design Your Own Molle Pack

Carry a knife wherever you want on your MOLLE pack.

The Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment packs, known as the MOLLE packs, are a creation of the United States military. MOLLE packs are as their name suggests: a modular pack system that allows you to customize the pack with side packs and gear to your needs. Design your own MOLLE system using the base level MOLLE pack which is a vest-style pack. With the nylon attachment points and straps, the pack allows for customization based on your needs.


1. Go to an Army-Navy store and get fitted with the proper size MOLLE base vest. As a general rule, your jacket size is the size used for the MOLLE vest. For example, if you wear a 42 jacket or a size L jacket, the large sized vest is the proper size.

2. Purchase the modular pieces to customize and design your specialty MOLLE pack. For example; if you are a medic, buy the medic modular attachments for the vest.

3. Select any holsters, sheathes or gear attachment holsters needed. Options include GPS carriers, radio holsters that go across the chest, side arm attachments and knife sheathes. Consider your needs and acquire the components for the MOLLE specific to your needs.

4. Lay out the gear and vest on a bed or flat surface. Locate where you wish to access the gear on the pack. If you want your side arm near you hip on the right side, use the MOLLE straps in this location–off the vest–to attach the sidearm pieces. Place the medic pack on the lower back to relieve the shoulders from the weight. Benefits of the MOLLE vest-pack is the ability to quickly reposition the pieces in the field, should you not like your first attempt.