Design Your Own Paintball Jerseys

Separate your team from the rest of the players with custom jerseys.

In the heat of a paintball battle with sweat pouring down your mask, it can be difficult to separate friend from foe. Use custom paintball jerseys to clad your team in uniform colors and designs. Paintball jerseys are typically long-sleeved to shield your skin from the sting of a paintball so your design should incorporate the front, back and sleeves of the jersey.


1. Download a jersey template and print it out on a sheet of white paper. You can find templates at custom jersey websites or draw your own to incorporate the front, back and sleeves of the jersey.

2. Outline the background of the jersey. If you are going to use multiple colors in the background, draw lines to clearly define where each color will go.

3. Color in the jersey with the background color. For example, if your team’s colors are green and blue, color the front and back blue, and use green for the sleeves.

4. Add any other lines or colors into the jersey such as a camouflage design or stripes along the arms and back.

5. Sketch out a logo for your team. Draw the design with a pencil on a plain sheet of white paper or create it in your computer with drawing software.

6. Mark on your template where the logo will go. It can be large on the front or back of the jersey or a small design on the shoulders.

7. Type in your team name and the names of your teammates in your word processor’s document creator.

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8. Change the font and color on the names until you find one that matches your team. Use fonts with block letters to make the transfer from design to jersey easier.

9. Save and print out the list of names in the chosen font and color. Mark on your template where the team name and the player’s name will be displayed.

10. Take your designs to a store that customizes jerseys or scan and upload the information to a website that prints designs onto jerseys.