Determine The Power Of An Airsoft Gun

Airsoft players often rely on very precise measurements.

Airsoft guns are used in fast-paced battles against other combatants. Each player uses airsoft weaponry, which is defined by its ability to fire small plastic pellets, and wears suitable protective gear. Airsoft guns are most commonly rated on their velocity, measured in feet per second (or FPS), though the power of the weapon is also a concern. The power of the weapon is determined by combining the velocity and the weight of the weapon through a relatively simple formula.


1. Measure the speed of your shots with a chronograph. The instructions for each chronograph will vary, but most measure velocity at the airsoft weapon’s muzzle.

2. Convert the FPS rating of the velocity to meters per second. Multiply the FPS value by 0.3048 to get your meters per second.

3. Multiply the weight of your airsoft pellets, in grams, by .001 to get their weight in kilograms. Ammunition packages will state the weight; the most common airsoft projectile weight is .2 grams.

4. Divide the mass in kilograms by two and multiply the velocity in meters with itself, which is the same as raising it to the second power exponentially. The final number is the rating of the weapon’s power in Joules.

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