Determine Which Airsoft Bb Is The Best

All airsoft BBs are not made the same.

Because there are so many variables in airsoft play, guns and personal preferences, there isn’t a type of airsoft BB that’s the best for everyone. Choosing the right airsoft BB for your game is a matter of weighing factors and projecting your use–and knowing what your tactics and battle plans involve. Before you stock up on BBs that poorly fit your needs, consider the options available to players.


1. Price BBs. Airsoft equipment can be pricey, and ammunition is no exception. Choosing a high grade of BB that’s too expensive for you to be able to equip yourself properly will lead to ammo shortages on the battlefield, and, eventually a loss.

2. Match your ammunition to your weapon. Because they have a slower barrel velocity, spring-loaded and pump-action guns need lighter BB weights to reach their maximum target distance. Guns that use compressed gas can fire heavier BBs because there’s more force behind each shot.

3. Load your weapon with heavyweight ammunition for long-distance targeting. While BB weight might not be a consideration for indoor close-quarters games, snipers and other tactical-based players may prefer heavier weights because they’re more accurate when firing over long distances.

4. Inspect BBs for manufacturing quality. The more expensive and better crafted Airsoft BBs on the market are more uniform in shape and don’t feature visible seams. Any irregularity in a BB will make it fire less accurately, so finding uniform BBs is essential to consistently hitting your target.