Differences Between Bt4 & Bt4 R1

Backtrack is used in digital forensics.

Backtrack is a series of software bundles that belongs to the Unix family of operating systems. Backtrack is commonly used in digital forensics and contains tools that allow the detection of weaknesses or breeches in firewalls, the monitoring of traffic on a wireless network and the detection of foreign wireless networks. The software is the product of a merger of two formerly competing suites: WHAX which was developed by Mati Aharoni and Auditor Security Collection, developed by Max Moser.

Kernel Upgrade

BT 4 R1 contains an updated kernel. The kernel is the mediator between the application that is being run and the data processor of the computer. The BT4 R1 contains a 2.6.34 kernel, which is an updated version of BT 4’s 2.6.29 kernel. This upgrade essentially allows the applications to execute commands more quickly.


Backtrack 4 R1 contains the addition of a Fluxbox desktop organizer. The Fluxbox essentially allows windows to be organized neatly on the desktop while running multiple applications within Backtrack 4 R1. Backtrack 4 does not contain the Fluxbox.

Driver Updates

The Backtrack 4 R1 contains updated wireless drivers for faster connection and better responsiveness. The madwifi-ng (ath_pci), broadcom-sta (wl, no injection), r8187 drivers and rt73 k2wrlz drivers and rt28xx drivers were all additions to the R1 version of the software.

Release Date

Backtrack 4 was released on Jan. 9, 2010. The updated R1 version was released four months later on May 8, 2010.

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