Dig A Homemade Bunker

Military forces use bunkers as a means of front-line defense on a battlefield as well as for concealing troops and laying cover fire. Bunkers have also been incorporated into combat-style games such as paintball and airsoft competitions in order to make the games more realistic. A simple bunker can be made out of a variety of materials, and part of the bunker is generally dug into the ground. Digging and fashioning a homemade bunker for playing combat-style games can be accomplished with little difficulty.


1. Select an area on the playing field or property for the bunker. Typically, bunkers are strategically placed on the home playing field to impede enemy movement. Where to do so is up to the planned field for battle as well as your team’s decision on the most effective location.

2. Mark out a rectangular area 6 feet long by 2 or 3 feet wide. Dig the area out in a way that creates a hole 5 feet deep. This will allow enough room for two people to stand in the bunker comfortably.

3. Stack rows of sandbags in front of the hole, faced towards the enemy line. Stack the first row of sandbags in such a manner to create two or three 6 inch spaces between them. Stack another row of sandbags on top of the first row. This will create holes to see the enemy and to shoot through. Add a third row if needed for the game or activity you’ll be playing.

4. Paint a 6 foot wide by 4 foot long piece of plywood in a camouflage design using green, brown and black spray-paint. Place the plywood over the bunker to cover the hole.

5. Pile leaves and available foliage from the surrounding area in front of the sandbags to conceal the structure. Ensure that you don’t cover your viewing and firing holes.