Disassemble A 380

It is necessary to disassemble and clean your .380 after 1,500 rounds.

A .380 handgun is smaller than most and, therefore, is a bit easier to disassemble. Proper maintenance and cleaning is essential to keeping a handgun operational, making it necessary to take the gun apart to clean the areas that would be inaccessible otherwise. Just be certain to handle your firearm with care and take every precaution before beginning to disassemble it.


1. Remove the clip from the .380. Point the gun away from yourself and others and slide the magazine catch inward until the magazine can be removed from the pistol. Pull the slide back to remove any bullet from the chamber. Visually inspect the chamber from behind by holding the slide in the rear position to make sure no bullet remains.

2. Keep the slide in its rearmost position and push up into the small notch on the bottom. This exposes the slide retainer pin in back of the frame.

3. Remove the retainer pin by using a 1/8-inch pin punch to release it from the frame.

4. Pull the safety out of the groove, which will allow the slide to return to its normal position.

5. Pull the slide back again, but only about 3/8-inch. Pull it upward. Keeping your grip on the slide, hold it up and push forward. This will remove the slide from the frame. The .380 is now disassembled and ready for maintenance. Reassemble the gun by reversing the disassembly procedure.