Disassemble A 9 Mm Sten Gun

The first iteration of the Sten 9 mm submachine gun

The 9 mm Sten gun was an odd-looking submachine gun used by British forces throughout much of World War II and the Korean War. The weapon itself is little more than a barrel attached to a removable stock and a trigger, with the magazine coming straight out from the side of the barrel at a 90-degree angle. These weapons were inexpensive to produce and simple to break down into their component parts.


1. Remove the magazine from the side of the weapon and rack back the charging handle to ensure no live rounds are loaded in the firing chamber.

2. Press in the locking stud located at the rear of the barrel, then pull the stock backwards and off the weapon.

3. Press the stud in again and rotate it clockwise until you feel it release.

4. Pull the stud backwards out of the receiver, along with the recoil spring.

5. Pull the bolt handle back until it is aligned with the safety notch, then pull the bolt handle straight out of the receiver.

6. Pull the trigger to free up the bolt assembly, then pull the entire assembly back out of the hole in the back of the receiver.

7. Pull the locking pin in front of the magazine well down. This will release the magazine well.

8. Turn the magazine well upward and unscrew the barrel shroud — the piece just in front of the magazine well. The Sten is now completely disassembled into its component parts.