Disassemble A Browning A5

The Browning A-5 semi-automatic shotgun is a fairly straight-forward weapon regarding operation and assembly/disassembly. The A-5 comes barreled either for the 20-gauge or the 12-gauge shotgun shells. Production on the weapon began in 1902, making it one of the older guns still in use. Disassembling the Browning A-5 is a fairly simple task, requiring no tools beyond your own hands.


1. Unload the shotgun by pulling back on the operating handle-located in approximately the same place a rifle’s bolt might be found-several times to eject any shells that may be loaded into the weapon’s magazine. Unloading your weapon should always be the first step whenever you are working on a firearm.

2. Pull the operating lever all the way back to completely open the breech.

3. Place the butt of the shotgun’s stock on any sturdy surface so the barrel is pointing skywards and grasp the barrel firmly in one hand.

4. Push the barrel straight down and use your free hand to unscrew the magazine cap underneath the barrel at the very end of the weapon’s forearm.

5. Continue applying pressure on the barrel with one hand and use the other to slide the forearm off of the magazine tube.

6. Keep a firm grip on the barrel and gradually release the pressure you have been applying until you are able to draw the barrel out of the receiver.