Disassemble A Spyder Victor

Although the Spyder Victor is Kingman’s low-end, basic paintball gun, it is the opinion of some avid paintball fans that it holds its own compared to similar guns on the market. The gun is not very fast, accurate or reliable, but many paintball players consider the Victor inexpensive, easy to use and upgradable. Like all paintball guns, it needs disassembly for cleaning, repair or upgrade. Taking apart the paintball gun is quick and easy.


1. Lift up on the cocking knob to allow the Delrin bolt to slide out of the rear of the receiver.

2. Hold the striker plug in place with one hand and remove the quick disconnect pin from the side of the paintball gun with the other hand, allowing removal of the striker plug. Ensure that the paintball gun is in the uncocked position before attempting to remove the quick disconnect pin.

3. Remove the internal parts of the gun, consisting of the velocity adjuster, striker spring, striker buffer and striker bolt from the back of the receiver, completing the disassembly of a spider Victor. After cleaning, reassemble the gun in reverse of the way you took it apart.

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