Disassemble The Jennings J22 Lr

Disassemble the Jennings J-22 LR

The Jennings J-22 is a small, blow-back action auto-loading pistol chambered for the .22 LR cartridge. The breech action is similar to that of the German Walther PP in that the recoil spring encircles the barrel, but the fire control assembly is much simplified when compared to the Walther. The J-22 is easy to disassemble for cleaning, requiring virtually no tools to do so. A ballpoint pen or even a small stick will suffice for takedown.


1. Remove the magazine from the pistol, then retract the slide to make sure it is unloaded.

2. Pull the trigger to drop the firing pin. Always point the gun in a safe direction when you do this, even though the gun is unloaded.

3. Depress the takedown button, located at the rear of the slide. Use a ballpoint pen, small stick or similar object.

4. Lift the rear of the slide away from the frame until it stops, while holding the takedown button in. Gently release the takedown button. Be careful, because it is under spring tension.

5. Push the slide forward until it clears the barrel, then set it aside. Be careful that the recoil spring doesn’t escape.

6. Remove the recoil spring by slipping it off the front of the barrel. You have disassembled the pistol as far as is recommended by the factory.