Diy Helmet Camera Mount

Mounting a camera to a helmet can be done with supplies from a hardware store.

Lovers of outdoor sports are surely familiar with the helmet camera mount seen in most sports videos. Mounting a camera on top of a helmet will allow you to shoot video of your biking trip or other activities that look similar to what you are seeing from your own eyes. Professional helmet camera mounts are very expensive, but if you are crafty, one can easily be constructed from materials found at your local hardware store.


1. Cut holes into the felt pads using your box cutters.

2. Place the felt pads onto the washers.

3. Remove the top padding from the helmet.

4. Insert the machine screw and washer into the vent of your helmet. Place one of the felt-covered washers on the other side of the helmet vent.

5. Attach the bolt to the machine screw and tighten.

6. Drill a 1/4-inch hole into the top of the bottle cap.

7. Place the bottle cap on top of the end of the screw.

8. Replace the padding in your helmet.

9. Attach your camera to the helmet mount by screwing its tripod mount on to the screw at the top of the helmet.

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