Diy Laser Sight

The purpose of a laser sight is to display a point on the area where the projectile being fired by a gun will hit. A do-it-yourself (DIY) laser sight can be made using a laser pointer purchased from a hobby store or electronics shop. A few household supplies are all that is needed. Once attached, the DIY laser sight will work equally as well as on a toy gun as it will on a real gun.


1. Remove all ammunition from the gun if it is real and not a toy. Place a soft cloth on a table. Place the gun on the soft cloth with the barrel facing to the left.

2. Hold the laser pointer so that the reflector end is facing to the left.

3. Place the laser pointer below the barrel of the gun with the reflector directly beneath the tip of the barrel. Rotate the laser pointer so that the power button is facing you.

4. Tape the laser pointer to the gun using strips of duct tape.

5. Aim the gun at a far wall. Press the power button on the laser pointer that is now a laser sight. Move the gun around as the dot of laser light from your laser sight illuminates the area on the wall where the barrel is pointing toward.

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