Diy Molle Vest

MOLLE vests are used to distribute the weight of heavy machinery that military personnel wear while in the field.

Armed service men and women rely on the MOLLE vest to evenly distribute the weight of their weapons for faster movement and better access during intense situations. MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load carrying Equipment; the equipment started being used by military personnel during the 1990’s. The idea of the MOLLE vest is to offer more comfort for military personnel while standing and walking for long periods of time carrying equipment that may weigh as much if not more than they do. Professional grade MOLLE vests use a series of tightly woven nylon straps to offer a secure hold of the guns.


1. Determine where you would like to attach the nylon webbing for strapping weapons in place. Generally weapons are attached across the back and upper chest of the vest. It will be necessary to determine what works best for your body frame, size and muscle build to ensure the weapons are comfortable when being carried. Authentic MOLLE vests have straps attached horizontally across the vest.

2. Measure the distance on the vest where the straps will be attached. Use dressmaker’s chalk to mark the locations on the back and chest area where the ends of the straps will be sewed onto the vest.

3. Cut webbing into two 6″ strands and three 10″ strands for the back of the MOLLE vest.

4. Melt the ends of each strap using a lighter. Nylon will melt quickly, so only heat the ends for a few seconds at a time.

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5. Sew the straps to the vest by sewing each end on the chalked lines that were marked in Step 2. Use a small stitch of at least eight stitches per inch. Small stitches will offer a more secure hold for the straps while they are holding heavy weapons.

6. Sew MOLLE pockets and attachment straps on the chest of the vest. Place two on each side of the chest area of the vest, one above the other. The attachment straps should be woven into the nylon straps for a secure hold. Use a small stitch to give the pockets a more secure hold.