Do Boats In Nashville Tennessee Charter Cruises For Weddings

Holding your wedding ceremony or reception on a boat creates a unique celebration.

Chartering a boat for a cruise on the Cumberland River in Nashville, Tenn., is a great way to help ensure that your wedding is an event to treasure for years to come.

Cumberland River

Nashville is beautiful when viewed from the water.

The Cumberland River is a large, historically important river in Tennessee. It begins and ends in Kentucky but stretches for 300 miles within the state of Tennessee, and runs through the heart of Nashville. It connects with Old Hickory Lake, which is about 25 miles from Nashville. While cruising, your guests will see the Nashville skyline, Rock Castle, and mansions of past and current country music stars.

Smaller Charter Boats

There are only a few companies that charter boats in Nashville that are large enough for weddings or receptions, but some marinas charter smaller boats that could be used for a bachelor party or to create unique wedding photos.

RiverShip Cruises

Because only 12 passengers are allowed, the RiverShip Vagabum is best for intimate groups. Make it part of your wedding celebration, or rent it for your “Meet the Family” events, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or for a romantic engagement. Buffet or seated dining are available, and you can set your own itinerary in order to see the sights as you celebrate. The captain also has experience performing weddings.

Music City Queen River Boat

The Music City Queen is available for chartered cruises of up to 300 guests. Imagine cruising along the river saying “I do” as the sun sets behind you. Catering is available to ensure that your guests have a delicious meal to accompany the beautiful setting.

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General Jackson Showboat

Planning a gigantic wedding? The General Jackson Showboat can accommodate up to 1,100 people. Its four floors include a 600-person theater, a paddle wheel, an observation deck, and a dance party area with a stage and full bar. The General Jackson has public sailings too. If your wedding is too small to charter the whole boat, you can rent a private room on board for your ceremony, while still providing your guests full access to the whole boat for your celebration.