Douglas Butterfly Restrictor Installation

Full protective gear is necessary to play tackle football.

Coaches and equipment manufacturers have been working together to make football as safe a game as possible for players without taking away the thrill of the rough-and-tumble contact that defines the game. Douglas, a major manufacturer of protective sports equipment, developed a neck collar called a butterfly restrictor, which adds protection against neck injuries to its standard and custom line of shoulder and chest protectors. It is recommended for linemen, linebackers and running backs. You can install a Douglas butterfly restrictor on any shoulder and chest protector, although you may need to drill mounting holes in pads from other manufacturers.


1. Slide the restrictor between the plastic arch and cushion of your shoulder and chest protector.

2. Put the protector on, and position the restrictor so that it fits you properly and is comfortable for you.

3. Mark your chosen position for the restrictor before you take off your protector.

4. Remove your protector, and position the butterfly restrictor according to your markings. Skip to Step 6 if your protector is not made by Douglas or does not have mounting holes

5. Line up the mounting holes on the front of your Douglas protector with the holes of the rear mounting flange of your butterfly restrictor mounting strap. Skip to Step 7

6. Hold the left side of the rear mounting flange of your restrictor flush against the left inner front surface of your shoulder and chest protector. Position your drill bit through the mounting hole in the flange, and drill through the surface of the protector. Repeat for the right side of the protector.

7. Insert the mounting screws provided with your restrictor into the mounting holes at the front of your protector and through the mounting flange of the restrictor. Fasten the screws with the provided nuts. Tighten the screws with a screwdriver.