Draw A Dye Logo

Draw a DYE Logo

DYE, a popular paintball company and the DYE logo, are recognized worldwide as representing paintball and paintball fans. If you’re a fan of DYE products or just want to make your paintball enthusiasm known, you might want to learn draw the distinguishable DYE brand mark. The logo is simply a stylized “D” inside of a circle, but you can also add the block letters “DYE” below it.


1. Draw a circle as the basis for the logo. The logo fits inside this circle, so draw the circle however large you want the logo to be.

2. Draw another circle inside the first circle, very close to the first, so that it forms a very thin ring.

3. Start at a point between 10 and 11 o’clock on the smaller circle, and draw a straight line to the right, but curve the line down slightly as you read the right side of the circle so that the line hits the inside circle at around 2 o’clock.

4. Curve the line and redirect it towards the bottom of the circle so that you draw a straight line down to the very bottom of the smaller circle.

5. Start at a point around 7 o’clock on the smaller circle and draw an arch that runs next to the initial line. The initial line should look like a large arch. This line should be a smaller arch inside the larger one. Allow the space between both arches to become narrower when you get to the initial starting point (about 10 o’clock on the circle).

6. Color in the areas of the smaller circle above and to the right of the larger arch. Also color in the area of the smaller circle below the smaller arch. Erase the line of the smaller cirlce where you haven’t colored. What’s left should be the stylized “D” of the logo with a white rim around it forming the circle.