Drive Legally With A Gun

Traveling by car with a gun is easy if you stay where you have a legal permit to carry a weapon. However, once you leave that state for another, you must comply with that state‘s gun laws. Some states allow you peaceable journey even if you are not permitted to carry a gun in their state, so long as you properly contain your gun and ammunition.


1. Unload your gun. You must carry your gun and ammunition separately while traveling through states with gun laws differing from your own state.

2. Place your unloaded gun in the trunk of your car. Make sure the lock on your trunk is properly functioning.

3. Lock your gun in a separate container if there is no trunk in your vehicle. Guns and ammunition must not be transported in your console or glove compartment.

4. Guns and ammunition must not be within reach of the driver or passengers in the vehicle.

5. Review the gun laws for each state you will be traveling through. It is in your best interest to be informed before you travel.

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