Educational English Arcade Games For Middle School

Educational English Arcade Games for Middle School

The complex rules of English grammar, spelling and punctuation are enough to make anyone’s head spin. Middle school students often struggle to maintain the focus necessary to learn these important rules of the English language. Teachers can help their students overcome their struggle by integrating the use of arcade style English games into their curriculum. These are a host of middle school level English games available on the Internet. By allowing students to hone their skills in an exciting, game format, teachers can effectively demonstrate that learning the rules of the English language does not have to be a boring proposition.

Tense ‘Treasure Hunt’

The Tense ‘Treasure Hunt’, by BBC, offers students practice in verb tense identification. Students can select from three difficulty levels, each requiring participants to complete a different, verb-tense related task. As students answer questions correctly, they have the opportunity to hunt for treasure. The game features helpful pop-up information, explaining to students why their answer was wrong or right, and reminding students of the rules of verb tense.

Noun Dunk

Basketball fans will love Noun Dunk, a basketball themed game that tests students’ noun identification skills. While playing the game, students are presented with words. They must decide if the featured word is a noun, and if it is a noun, what type of noun it is. If students answer correctly, a robot makes the shot. If they are incorrect, the robot misses. This game makes a great review activity, or wonderful remediation activity for a student who continues to struggle with noun identification.

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Punctuation Paintball

This game, featuring three skill levels, tests students knowledge of punctuation placement. In each round, students are presented with a sentence that is missing punctuation and capitalization. Using a virtual paintball gun, students must select the correct punctuation, and shoot it into the sentence in the right places. This game does not provide much assistance to the student in placing the punctuation, forcing them to determine the correct placement independently and truly testing their skills.

8 Letters In Search of a Word

In this vocabulary building game, students are presented with eight letters, which they must combine to form as many words as possible. Students race against the time to form words, earning points for each word that they correctly identify. This vocabulary practice is a useful way to extend students’ thinking and exercise their brains. Teachers could easily use this game at the start of a class to get students focused and ready to learn.