Endless War 3 Cheats

Endless War 3 Cheats

“Endless War 3” is a fast-paced and frenetic top-down shoot-em-up set during World War 2. The game ports over all weapons and items from previous Endless War titles and adds wave upon wave of enemies to gun down before they take you out. It can be very hard to get ahead in later levels of Endless War 3, but some cheats exist to help you through.

Super Weapons in Combat

Endless War 3 offers several Super Weapons above and beyond the regular guns. There are cheat codes that carry over from Endless War 1 and 2 that can be used to access the game’s Super Weapons. In a mission, press and hold the “Z,” “L” and “T” keys to access the Minigun, a hugely powerful automatic weapon that will mow down opposing troops. To activate the Super Shotgun, a high-powered scatter gun that will neutralize large groups, press and hold the “X,” “H” and “I” keys during play. To activate the Rocket Launcher and fire highly-damaging explosives at your enemies from a safe distance, hold down the “Y,” “M” and “P” keys.

Weapon Combining Secret

Much of the most powerful cheating in Endless War 3 is to be done by exploiting the game’s weapon system to combine weapons. Due to a hidden quirk of the game’s reloading mode, there are several ways to combine two weapons that can form a third, far more powerful weapon. A long-range flamethrower with autofire can be acquired by picking up the minigun and flaregun. Select the flare gun as your second weapon, hold the “R” key, and press “1” to select the minigun. Release “1” just as the minigun appears to create the flamethrower. Pick up the Death’s Scythe special weapon as your primary weapon and any secondary weapon with a high rate of fire. Select the second weapon and hold “R.” Press “1” to choose the usually limited-use Death’s Scythe. You will now have infinite death-dealing bullets. Experiment with other combinations to exploit this secret to the full. Note that if you pick up or select another weapon, you will have to perform the exploit again.

Unlock All Guns

Success or failure in Endless War 3 often hinges on having the right gun for the job. Luckily there is a secret way to unlock all guns before beginning the game. Go into Endless War 3’s “Options” screen and click the mysterious gray ball. Do not do anything else in the Options menu; select “Save settings” and exit the screen. You will now have access to all weapons.