Ensure Victory In Airsoft Battles The Master Chief Way

For those of you who are just batty about Halo, there’s good news. You can continue playing Halo without actually playing the game. Just get some armor, a helmet and paintball guns you can dual-wield and hit the battlegrounds. However, as one player stated, “You are not Master Chief… Remember, THIS IS REAL! There are no actual respawn points, so don’t get shot in the head!”


1. Buy two electric guns that have some juice; FPS 300 or more should help you to stalk victory in Airsoft battles the Master Chief way. Practice dual-wielding them before you venture into battle. No sense in getting “blown away” the instant you enter the fray.

2. Mod your guns so they look like those that the Master Chief uses in Halo. You might as well look as close to the real thing as possible.

3. Collect some paint ball armor. Get a full head helmet, goggles and other guards. Despite the name, getting hit with an Airsoft does hurt. Wear the gear so you can practice firing and getting around. You’ll be attempting some covert moves while fully armored and dual-wielding two paintball guns, so practice everything in neutral territory.

4. Act covertly once you’re on the battlefield and work on firing your guns in two different directions. You’ll sound like more than one attacker. Once your enemy‘s thoroughly confused, disappear only to reappear in another location and repeat the tactic.

5. Pick off targets who have separated themselves from the rest, then take out the leaders, thus depriving the enemy of leadership.

6. Be aware of your surroundings. Remember that you won’t have a map in the corner of your screen letting you know the locations of your enemy’s forces. This is real life (sort of) and not a video game.

7. Take a page from the Splinter Cell book and apply Sam Fisher’s favorite tactics to make cover and shadows your friends. Use both to stay invisible and out of your enemy’s sight.