Enter A Paintball Team Tournament

Get your team organized and together to play where the real competition is.


1. Form a paintball team (see “Start a Paintball Team“).

2. Check the tournament listings on Internet sites (Warpig.com is a good one), and in the back of magazines (“Action Pursuit Games Magazine” lists these almost every issue).

3. Call tournament organizers of all the potential tournaments you could enter and ask questions: Where is the tournament? How much to enter? How many players per team? Are balls and air provided? When is the tournament?

4. Meet with your team and decide which tournaments you will enter. Do this far in advance of the tournament so everyone can keep their schedule clear.

5. Practice in the style of the tournament; if possible, play on the field the tournament is to be held on to familiarize yourself with the layout. Develop your strategy.

6. Buy your supplies early. Inform your sponsors that you will be representing them in the tournament.

7. Arrive at the tournament early. If you must travel far, get there the night before and camp or stay in a hotel. Get a good night’s rest. Save the partying for after the tournament.

8. Show up early and figure out how the tournament works and when your games are.

9. Scout the other teams between your games.

10. Check and clean all of your equipment before each game.

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