Extreme Gifts For Men

Extreme gifts for men are not always in boxes.

Sometimes it can be difficult to think of the perfect gift for a man. Whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, brother or son, men can often be more difficult to buy for than women. If you are totally stumped as to what to buy, think about what experience he would like to have. Does this Spark an idea?

Spa Gift Certificate

Although most men tend to think of a “spa day” as something for women, many spas also cater to men. A gift certificate to the spa can be a great way to introduce him to the wonders of a relaxing massage, facial or manicure. This is an extreme gift for men because it will bring him a new experience.

Gym Membership

A membership to the gym is another one of those gifts that keeps on giving, long after his birthday is over. If you know he’s wanted to get back into an exercise routine or if he talks about getting into shape, the gift of a gym membership might be just the incentive he’s been looking for.

Vehicle Toys

Car accessories can be an extreme gift for men.

If you know he’s been wishing for a certain vehicle accessory, whether it be custom wheels, a GPS navigation system or a satellite radio, then surprise him with what he really wants. Not only will he really love the gift, but he’ll be impressed that you were paying attention when he was talking about what he wanted.

Sports Day

Choose his favorite sport, and buy some tickets.

A ticket to the big football game or to see his favorite baseball team is also a great gift. This can be an especially good present if you are also a fan of the same team. Buy a ticket for yourself as well as one for him. That way, he won’t have to sit alone at the game, and you’ll get to enjoy the day together. In fact, he might even think that the best part of the present was getting to spend the day with you.

Adventure Gift

Give him the gift of an adventure.

If you know he loves paintball, white water rafting or a particular kind of sport, give him a gift certificate so that he can enjoy what he loves most. Or, if he is the adventurous type, give him a gift certificate for something exciting that he has never tried before, such as skydiving, kite surfing or bungee jumping. It might just be the most exciting present he’s ever received.