Fieldstrip A Cigarette

Field-Strip a Cigarette

The fire damage done by a cigarette butt that hasn’t been extinguished can be devastating to people and animals. Even a cigarette butt that has been put out contributes to the litter problem that faces many cities and neighborhoods. A simple solution to these problems is to field-strip a cigarette. Find out how you can control litter by field-stripping your next cigarette.


1. Stub out a cigarette on a hard surface to extinguish it after you are finished smoking it.

2. Double-check to make sure that there are no remaining embers in the cigarette. If there are still embers, continue to stub the cigarette until it is completely out.

3. Gently knock the tobacco out of the cigarette by stubbing it against a hard surface.

4. Roll the remaining part of cigarette above the filter in between your fingers to loosen any tobacco that is still stuck inside of the cigarette.

5. Continue to stub and roll the cigarette until all of the tobacco has been removed. You will be left with the filter and the paper that held the tobacco.

6. Put the cigarette paper and filter into a trash can to dispose of it. If you don’t have access to a trash can, put the paper and filter back in your cigarette pack or some other place where you can dispose of it later.

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