Fill A Co2 Tank For Paintball

Co2 tank.

Paint ball can be fun, especially if your tanks are full. Here’s the on filling a compressed air / co2 tank.


1. Paint ball markers can use a few different types of air supply. Most common is CO2 and compressed air. Some markers are either designed to use a specific type of air supply or just run better on certain air. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations should help.

2. Your tank should have a valid hydro test date on it. Some places may not fill a tank due to the service date being expired. If you are using CO2, most local sporting goods stores along with some Walmart locations can fill the tank. They will use a scale to determine the amount of CO2 that has been put in the tank and then they will bill you for it.

3. Compressed air is a little different. Most paint ball shops or paint ball fields can fill those. Compressed air operates at a higher psi rating. Local sporting good stores do not usually have this type of air supply. Paint ball fields normally carry all the popular air supply systems so filling before you play and then after is a good idea. Leaving with a full tank allows you to have air to tune your marker or practice at home.