Fill A Nitrogen Paintball Tank

Paintball players use nitrogen tanks to get more shots out on the field.

Nitrogen tanks power a variety of paintball markers. These tanks come in 3,000 PSI and 4,500 PSI sizes. You have to fill nitrogen paintball tanks after every few rounds of game play, depending on how many shots you’ve taken. The tanks are filled using a nitrogen fill station, which has larger nitrogen tanks connected allowing the air to be transferred to your tank. Filling a nitrogen tank must be done with care to prevent accidental explosions.


1. Inspect the tank for damage and test date. Check the steel tank body, fiber wrapping and the o-ring, which is located at the top of the tank. Replace the o-ring if it is broken by sliding off the damaged one and sliding on a new one. Look at the tank’s test date. Do not fill the tank if the test date has passed.

2. Connect the paintball tank via the quick disconnect paintball adapter to the fill station hose. Look to see how much PSI or pounds per square inch of air the nitrogen tank can handle.

3. Set the pressure of the fill station delivery gauge to that of the paintball tank by turning the adjusting screw clockwise. For example, if the paintball tank space is 3,000 PSI, set the nitrogen fill station gauge to 3,000 PSI.

4. Open the fill valve of the fill station steadily by turning it counter-clockwise. The two fill station gauges will register to zero and begin to increase as the nitrogen tank is filling.

5. Turn the fill valve off once the correct amount of nitrogen has filled into the tank by twisting the knob clockwise. The numbers on the gauges will stop increasing at this point.

6. Open the drain valve, which is located to the side of the fill valve. Leave the drain valve open until all of the pressure between the paintball tank and the fill valve has escaped. Close the drain valve by turning the knob clockwise. Remove the nitrogen tank from the quick disconnect paintball adapter by pulling the adapter downward with your thumb and forefinger.