Fill Paintball Tanks

Paintball tanks power paintball “markers,” the guns and pistols used in the extreme sport. These tanks contain compressed air, carbon dioxide, or a nitrous mixture which is used to propel the gelatinous projectiles at high speeds towards the target. Most tanks are refillable and refills are available at commercial paintball centers or local scuba or hobby shops. Filling a paintball tank is not a difficult task, but proper procedures must be followed to minimize the risk of damage to the tank or surrounding property.


1. Check the label or user’s manual for the correct pressure and contents prior to filling. Not all tanks can use all three of the common paintball tank gasses.

2. Remove the tank from your weapon. Point the barrel of your marker upwards and away from people.

3. Screw the tank to one end of the pressure gauge. Correct pressure ensures safe operation of the tank.

4. Connect the other end of the gauge to the refill source. Scuba tanks, carbon dioxide and nitrous tanks can all be used as the source subject on your tank’s specifications.

5. Open the tank’s safety valve. This allows the gas to flow into the container.

6. Fill the tank with the desired gas. Watch the pressure gauge to ensure that overfilling does not take place.

7. Close the safety valve and turn off the refill source. Never try to remove the tank until the connection is closed.

8. Disconnect the pressure gauge from the source.

9. Unscrew the gauge from the tank.

10. Cap your tank or attach it to your marker. It should now be filled to the correct pounds per square inch, or PSI, of gas.