Fill Up Air Tanks

Working with compressed gas such as air should be done with caution.

If you play paint ball, using air tanks instead of CO2 can save you some money. All you need is a good tank and an air compressor. With a little care and knowledge you can fill your own tanks and be ready for the game.

You need to have an air filling station for the job. This consists of a high pressure air compressor capable of producing pressure over 4,000 PSI. A few high-pressure storage tanks can be connected to the compressor in succession. A quick connect hose with a shut-off valve and pressure gauge. The gauge shows the pressure that is coming from the tank you are filling.


1. Clean and check the air tank you wish to fill. Make sure the nozzle and shut-off valve are functioning correctly.

2. Open the valve and drain off all the air from the tank. Close the valve and shake the tank. Listen for sounds of water or particles inside the tank. If the tank sounds as if there is water or dirt inside, take it to a scuba diving shop and have the valve removed and tank cleaned before you fill it.

3. Turn on the air compressor and pressurize the tanks. Once the tanks are all at the correct pressure as shown on the gauges turn off the air compressor.

4. Connect the filler hose to the tank you wish to fill. Adjust the pressure gauge on the filler hose to the correct pressure setting for the tank.

5. Open the valve on the tank you are filling. Slowly open the valve on the filler hose. Watch the pressure gauge closely. As the pressure gets close to what you want in the tank, close the valve in the filler line to slow the filling procedure.

6. Once pressure has been reached on the tank, shut off the valve on the filler line. Close the valve on the tank you just filled with air. Disconnect the filler line. Your tank is filled.