Fill Your Own Paint Balls

Fill your own paintballs.

The origin of paintballing can be traced back to the 1950s when farmers, ranchers and loggers used specially rigged rifles to mark trees for logging or cutting purposes. By the 1970s paintball guns were being marketed for just these purposes. By the 1980s young people who lived in the mountain and rural areas of the United States were playing what they called a survival game with paint ball guns. Today paintball is an ever-growing global sport with sophisticated and expensive gear. Making your own paintballs is one way to help cut back on those paintball expenses.


1. Set up your items on a worktable where you will not be disturbed. Cover the floor with a tarp.

2. Pour the paint from the container into a small plastic pitcher.

3. Take five or six balloons and stretch them several times so they will be easier to manipulate.

4. Put the long part of a funnel into the head of the balloon. Pour the paint through the funnel into the balloon.

5. Tie the end of the balloon into a tight knot. Snip off the excess balloon knot with the scissors. Drop the homemade pellet into your gun and try firing it at a target. If the ball is too small it will just roll out onto the ground. If it is too big, it will just break up in the gun. Make the necessary adjustments until you get the right size.

6. Continue filling the balloons with paint until you have all the paintballs you require.