Finance A Paintball Business


Paintball is an exhilarating sport. It is also a great investment for an entrepreneur who wants to make as much as $20,000 per month. If you are considering opening your own paintball field, it will be important for you to construct an airtight business plan right away. Once you know where you are going, you can talk to experts in the field to teach you get there. Financing is one of the first pivotal steps along the way.


Finding Capital

1. Angel Investors

Construct a business plan so that you will know how much to ask for. Here is an example of a simple business plan:

Equipment: $60,000 (Basic indoor starting package)

Rent: $5,000 per month (Including things like air conditioning)

Employees: 2 part-time $3,000 per month

Revenue: Open 5 days a week 20 players per day = 400 players per month. $55 per player = $22,000

These are basic costs associated with starting a field. Have these on hand and tailored to your environment when you meet with any potential investor.

2. Meeting Investors

It will be nearly impossible for you to secure a bank loan for a paintball field or business. However, you have other options. There are usually private investors (known as Angel investors) who are willing to help you get the capital you need. They charge significant interest on their investment, but their capital could be just what you need to prime the pump and get things moving. You need to network in order to find these people, and be sure you do your research so that you can tell them what your project will cost.

3. Paintball Company Financing

A third option is getting instant financing from a large existing paintball company. This is often a good idea, particularly if the company is willing to provide coaching and support as you work your way through the business for the first time. These are usually people who have started fields in the past (sometimes hundreds of them), so they can give a quick look over your business plan and tell you what you are missing.