Find A Local Paintball Pro Shop

Paintball is a great sport to play. It has become one of the most popular extreme sports in the United States. One problem with paintball is finding local pro shops that sell what you need. Most large retailers sell the basics; but to get truly knowledgeable and helpful service, you need to visit a store dedicated to paintball. They will have everything you need. Follow these steps to find a local paintball store.


1. Look in the phone book first. Anything listed in your phone book will most likely be an established store.

2. Ask paintball field owners if they know of any local paintball stores. Also find out if they have a bulletin board with store information or coupons.

3. Speak with people wherever you play. Other paintball enthusiasts can provide recommendations on where to buy gear.

4. Look on the PBReview website or the War Pig website. These websites usually have store listings.

5. Buy a few paintball magazines at your local grocer or bookstore. Look through the store listings in the back of your magazines.