Find A Sponsor For A Paintball Team

Having professional, matching jerseys like this one will make you look organized and serious.

One of the main benefits of getting a sponsor for your paintball team is usually what everyone wants: free gear. Most sponsors will donate cash or equipment in order to give your team a substantial advantage. Attaining this privilege, though, takes some work – most companies won’t let you use their name and money if they don’t think you will adequately or properly represent them. There are steps you can take, though, to attract the eyes and wallets of possible sponsors.


1. Draft and write a team resume. Include sections that detail the team’s players and objectives, their expectations and their winning history (see Resource 1 for sample resume). Other information that would interest a potential advertiser should be included as well.

2. Order customized, matching jerseys for the team’s players, and include a team photo with the resume. Have each player’s last name and player number printed on the jersey.

3. Submit the resume and photo with a personalized cover letter, hand-signed, to local companies that you know support local sports teams.

4. Submit applications to paintball sponsorships through the websites of large paintball companies (see Resource 2 for list of companies). These big names usually have a dedicated department and application process for sponsorship, and they usually sponsor a large number of amateur teams.

5. Wait, follow up and be persistent. Make phone calls or send emails to the local companies a week or so after submitting your team‘s resume. Follow up through email with the larger companies to which you applied online.

6. Stipulate your team’s desires to the companies who respond, addressing what your team can offer in terms of sponsorship, and what kind of equipment or support your team needs or wants. State these desires gently, and always leave room for the sponsor to adjust and give suggestions.

7. Follow the requirements and direction of companies who accept your application for sponsorship, and maintain or present the image they want of their company. This will maintain a good standing with the company, giving you a good reference to state when applying for more sponsorships.