Find Interesting Adult Summer Activities

Kayaking makes for a fun summer activity.

We associate going to the beach or pool as a summer activity but the summer offers so many other things to do. In fact, summer can last well into September. Just because the calendar says it’s after Labor Day doesn’t mean the summer activities should end. Some of the best adult activities can be done when the days are a little cooler. No matter where you are, events are happening near you during the summer months and after school has started.


Become an Active Adult

1. Summer is a great time to feel young.

Go out and try a new water sport, such as kayaking, canoeing or boating. Go on a boat tour for whale watching if you’re on the coast or to view lighthouses and other scenery. Some boat tours are cruises to nowhere, which can be fun just to get out on the water. If you’ve always wanted to go fishing, you can rent fishing poles to see if it’s something you would like. Some more extreme activities are surfing, scuba diving, wakeboarding, white water rafting, jet-skiing, windsurfing and water-skiing. Find some new locations for swimming, or find waterfalls near you.

2. A hike in the woods is a good way to spend a summer day

Venture into a local or national park with your camera to enjoy the scenery or to go hiking. Find new trails, bring a picnic lunch and explore with a friend. Explore a cave or go to the extreme and go rock climbing. You can go to a rock climbing school that will take you on climbs so that you’re doing this activity with instruction. Go on a helicopter or sightseeing plane ride or ride a hot air balloon. Go bird watching, moose watching, or just explore nature. Ride a bicycle or go dirt or mountain biking.

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3. Find a local festival. There are festivals of all kinds, including blues, jazz, rock, bluegrass or folk music festivals. Other festivals celebrate local products such as a lobster, blueberry or strawberry festivals. Some festivals on the coast celebrate boats, such as a Windjammer festival, while other festivals involve hot air balloons or art. Early summer festivals include Summer Solstice festivals, such as the ones held in Seattle and Rockland, Maine. Late summer festivals include food festivals such as Greek festivals or the San Gennaro Festival in New York’s Little Italy, where many blocks are filled with food vendors and people.

4. Playing tennis is a great way to keep active

Go to an amusement park, host a block party, have a backyard barbecue. Explore your state. Many people have never seen parts of their state that others love to visit. Take a mini-vacation. Go find a place with go-karts and mini-golf, as in Cape Cod or other New England states. Watch a sunset or sunrise and take your camera. Go camping or camp out in the backyard. Try inline skating, street hockey, or throw a football at a nearby high school. Jog on the high school track. Play stickball in the city. Find a baseball or softball league or even pick-up games. Play beach volleyball or find a volleyball tournament or group.

5. Playing Kadima on a beach is fun

Play basketball or tennis. Play Frisbee or Kadima at the beach, which is an Israeli game played with paddles and a ball. Play paintball with friends. Find an outdoor concert and picnic with friends or a loved one. Enter a race or marathon. If you’re single, join an adult summer camp or find a camp for you and your spouse. Take your dog to a dog park and watch him have fun, or let him swim in a lake or river. The possibilities are endless. Participating in these activities is a great way to prolong the summer.

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