Find Out How Many Paintballs You Shoot Per Second

Paintballing is a very popular extreme sport.

Paintball is a sport enjoyed by millions of people across the world. Invented in 1974 and popularized as a sport in the early 1980’s, this extreme sport is enjoyed by both beginner-level players and full-time professional players. Europe even has the Millennium Series, its own professional tournament league. Making paintballing calculations, such as rounds fired per second or bullet drop, is similar to standard gun calculations but with a much lower muzzle velocity and different round mass and weight.


1. Load your pressurized paintball gun’s hopper with enough paintballs to get an accurate calculation. The fastest paintball guns in the world shoot in excess of 30 rounds per second, so load around 90 to 100 rounds. Note how many rounds are loaded into the paintball gun.

2. A stopwatch can be used to calculate rounds fired per second.

Have a helper hold and operate the stopwatch behind you at a safe distance. The helper should perform a countdown such as “three, two, one” to be sure you fire your paintball gun at exactly the same time the stopwatch is started.

3. Fire your paintball gun as rapidly as you can. If the gun is an automatic, simply hold down the trigger. The helper should yell “one, two, three” in unison with the stopwatch time, then stop the stopwatch at exactly three seconds. Cease firing the paintball gun when the helper counts out the third second.

4. Empty the paintball gun hopper and count the remaining rounds.

5. Subtract the number of remaining rounds from the number of rounds originally loaded into the gun’s hopper. This will give you the number of rounds fired in three seconds. Divide this number by 3 to find the number of rounds fired per second. For example, if 100 rounds were loaded and 70 remain, then 30 rounds were fired. Dividing 30 by 3 gives us 10 rounds fired per second. This test can be repeated multiple times to find a good average rounds per second for your gun.