Find The Price Of A Gun

All weaponry is priced differently based on age, rarity and condition.

The firearms market includes pistols, shotguns, lever-action rifles, muzzleloaders, assault rifles and collectible antique weaponry. All of these weapons are produced by different gun manufacturers; all have unique designs and are priced accordingly. Research is needed to determine the appropriate price of a particular gun.


1. Research specific details about the gun that you are pricing. These will include the manufacturer’s name, the weapon’s model number and the specific ammunition the weapon fires.

2. Look up the weapon in a recently updated gun-price guide. A few guides are available to choose from such as the “Blue Book of Gun Values,” the “Standard Catalogue of Firearms” or the “Official Gun Digest Book of Guns and Prices.”

3. Contact the manufacturer of the weapon. You can usually call a manufacturer directly or look up the weapon model on the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer can give you a list of dealers near you who sell their weapons.

4. Contact a local dealer or gun shop. Gun shops and dealers have a variety of weapons to choose from, and all price their weapons according to what the market will bear. If you inquire about a specific weapon, a gun dealer may be able to order it or give you an estimated price.

5. Search through a variety of gun sales sites on the Internet. A few sites that list thousands of weapons and accessories are:, Brownell’ and