Find The Serial Number On A Tippmann A5

Paintball is a popular, fast action sport.

The Tippman A5 is a popular paintball gun manufactured by the company Tippmann. This paintball gun, like many other models, has a serial number that may need to be utilized for warranty claims. Every new Tippman A5 comes with a warranty registration card that requires this information prior to submission. Finding the serial number is a simple task and takes very little time.


1. Remove the paintballs and air source from the Tippmann A5 prior to searching for the serial number. Moving around the Tippman A5 to find the serial number could cause paintballs to be fired if it is loaded.

2. Located the cocking handle on the Tippmann A5. This is located on the left side of the paintball gun body near the barrel. The cocking handle sticks out from the side of the gun and is the piece used to cock the paintball gun prior to use.

3. Look below the cocking handle on the paintball gun body. The serial number is located here.