Fire A Blow Gun

Blow guns use the power of your lungs to generate pressure inside a long hollow tube in a piece of wood. The pressure builds up behind a cotton-wrapped dart, forcing the dart out of the end of the blow gun and at the target at a high speed, allowing the dart to puncture the target. Proper firing is important, as making mistakes can lead to errant shots –or even accidental ingestion of the dart.


1. Select a dart from your dart pouch.

2. Remove cotton from the dart pouch and press it around the body of the dart, a few inches from the back of the dart. Spin the dart with the fingers of your other hand to wrap the cotton around the dart.

3. Repeat if needed until there is a ball of cotton wrapped around the dart slightly larger than the opening of the blow gun.

4. Lick your fingers, then rub them around the exterior of the cotton ball if needed to get the ball to sit down in a tight ball shape.

5. Insert the dart into the back of the gun, with the point facing forward.

6. Bring the gun up and aim at your target with your dominant hand wrapped around the back of the gun and your non-dominant hand slightly forward with the palm turned up to add extra support.

7. Breathe in with your mouth away from the gun to avoid inhaling the dart.

8. Bring the gun to your lips, then exhale sharply to propel the dart out of the gun.

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