Fire Dueling Pistols

Dueling is as old as the invention of the pistol.

Dueling with pistols was a method of settling differences that began just after the invention of the pistol. There have been many well-known people throughout history who have died in duels. Unfortunately, some “won” their duel yet still received a fatal wound themselves. Today historical re-creationists duel with modified pistols that do not fire a lethal projectile. Whether using antique single-shot pistols, modern repeater pistols, or paintball guns; the method for shooting your dueling pistol remains the same.


1. Prepare your weapons. Engage the safety mechanisms. Open the handle of each paintball gun and install a CO2 cartridge into both. Pull the loading mechanism and load a paintball into the chamber. Remove the magazine from both guns so they become single-shot weapons.

2. Allow your opponent to choose the weapon she want to use for the duel. Pick up the remaining pistol and proceed to the dueling field with your opponent. Position the secondary shooters and judge on the side of the dueling field while you and your opponent meet at the center and stand back to back.

3. Hold your weapon up with one hand at a 90 degree angle to the ground directly in front of your face and disengage the safety mechanism when the judge declares, “Shooters, take your marks.”

4. Walk forward, away from one another, one step each time the judge counts as he counts from one to nine. When the judge says, “Ten,” take a final step, turn, extend your arm, aim the gun, and fire the weapon at your adversary.