Fix A Car Door Ding Or Dent (Best Solution)

This could happen to anyone. But fix?

Car doors are one of the most common places to get a dent or ding. The doors are made of thin sheet metal and aren’t as strong or rigid as a fender or quarter panel. Bringing your car to a repair shop for each ding or dent can get expensive. Repair them yourself the same way the shops do for a long-lasting, permanent repair. You can fix a car door ding or dent in under a few hours using materials found at a car parts store.


1. Sand the ding or dent with 180-grit sandpaper to remove the paint in and around the dent. Sand the surface between 2 to 3 inches around the edges of the dent. Wipe the area with wax and grease remover and a microfiber towel. Let it dry for 5 minutes.

2. Scoop out a small amount of body filler onto a palette using the plastic squeegee. Add a small amount of hardener to the filler. For example, if you use a golf-ball sized amount of filler, add a 1-inch line of hardener. Mix the filler with the squeegee until the color is completely blended.

3. Wipe the filler over the dent to fill it completely. Smooth the filler with the squeegee and let it dry for 1 hour.

4. Sand the dried filler with 220-grit sandpaper until it is level with the surrounding surface of the car and you can no longer feel a dent when you slide your hand across the area.

5. Place masking paper and tape around the repaired area to keep overspray off of the existing paint on the car. Place the masking tape just outside the edges of the sanded area. Wipe the area with wax and grease remover and a microfiber towel.

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6. Spray two thin coats of primer over the area. Hold the sprayer 10 inches from the surface. Let the first coat dry for 10 minutes, and let the final coat dry for 20 minutes.

7. Spray a total of four or five thin coats of paint over the area using the same technique as with the primer. Let each coat dry for 10 minutes. Let the final coat dry for 6 hours before handling it.