Fix A Jammed Airsoft Gun

A realistic-looking toy rifle, the airsoft gun employs a spring mechanism to fire its projectile, but it ceases to work if the projectile becomes jammed inside of the spring mechanism. You can fix the airsoft gun so that it will fire again using a common rifle-cleaning tool that you can get from a gun shop or hobby supply store. You will also need to partially disassemble the airsoft gun.


1. Push down the “hopup” unit switch located in the middle of the airsoft rifle just above the magazine. Pull the magazine out of the airsoft rifle and put it aside.

2. Use your fingers to pull off the magwell cover that is above and slightly forward of the “hopup” switch to reveal the firing mechanism.

3. Insert the tipped end of the cleaning rod into the barrel of the airsoft rifle. Gently push the cleaning rod all the way into the barrel while watching its progress inside of the magwell.

4. Use the end of the cleaning rod to push the jammed projectile up and out of the magwell.

5. Reattach the magwell cover. Reinsert the magazine. Push the “hopup” switch back to its original position. Clock and fire the airsoft rifle now that it is no longer jammed.