Fix A Tippmann A5 That Sputters

A paintball marker that sputters can cut a paintball match short.

The Tippmann A5, like many other paintball markers, can be prone to sputtering. Sputtering is when the trigger is depressed on a paintball marker that is connected to an air source but does not correctly shoot. A decreased amount of gas makes its way through the paintball marker, which keeps the marker from recocking. This can result in decreased performance and even the inability to fire. Fortunately, it is relatively simple to fix this problem.


1. Check to see if the air source that is being used is full. HPA air tanks come equipped with a gauge to determine the amount of pressure left in the tank. CO2 tanks do not have a pressure gauge. To determine if there is air left in a CO2 tank, slowly screw the CO2 tank onto the paintball gun. If it hisses loudly, there is CO2 in the tank. Otherwise, it is empty and should be refilled by a professional.

2. Check the o-ring on the top of the air tank. An o-ring is a flexible doughnut-shaped ring that fits around the valve of the air tank. If there are cracks or pieces of rubber missing, the tank will not correctly attach to the paintball marker. Pull it off the tank and put a new one in its place.

3. Adjust the regulator on the paintball gun according to manufacturer’s directions. If the pressure is too low, the proper amount of CO2 or compressed air will not enter the paintball marker. Consult the manufacturer’s directions of the aftermarket regulator for these adjustments.