Fix A Tippmann A5

The Tippman A-5 is a powered paintball gun that is powered by CO2. The gun uses 0.68 caliber paint balls that are added to a hopper. The hopper is then attached at the top or upper receiver of the gun. When the A-5 jams or is not working properly the internal parts may require cleaning to fix the problem. To do this you need to first disassemble the paintball gun.


1. Remove the push pin located on the left side of the paintball gun in front of the gas line plug. Release the Tombstone Latch in front of the trigger guard and then pull out the gas line.

2. Remove the push pin located above the trigger guard on the left side of the paintball gun. Remove the push pin on the left rear of the paintball gun. Detach the lower receiver from the upper receiver.

3. Push on the safety for the trigger and slide it out. Pull up on the trigger assembly to remove it from the lower receiver.

4. Turn the velocity screw with the screwdriver to force it into the receiver. Remove the push pin located on the rear of the upper receiver.

5. Pull on the end cap and tilt the marker upwards. Slide the parts for the drive assembly out of the upper receiver. Clean the parts for the drive assembly with a clean cloth.

6. Align the receiver gas line cutout to match the cutout of the power tube. Insert the valve into the power tube. Check the fit by inserting the Tombstone adapter.

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7. Reinsert the drive assembly parts that include the front bolt, power tube, valve and rear bolt into upper receiver. Verify that the rear bolt linkage arm is facing up. Insert the Tombstone adapter and replace the push pin. You now have access to the velocity screw.

8. Insert the drive pin, drive spring and upper end cap unit for the upper receiver. Reset the upper end cap pin.

9. Reattach the trigger assembly to the lower receiver. Push the safety back into the trigger assembly. Set the upper receiver back onto the lower receiver.

10. Insert the remaining push pins to secure the upper receiver to the lower receiver.