Fix A Tippmann X7

Keeping your paintball gun working can keep you in the game.

Air leaks seem to be one of the most common problems with paint ball guns. Being prepared to repair a leak on your Tippmann X7 can help you avoid the disappointment of leaving a game prematurely or even missing a whole day of paintball. The X7 features push pins which literally make field maintenance a snap. Learning correctly fix some maintenance issues can help you enjoy all of the features the X7 offers and keep you in the game.


Fix X7 Air Leak

1. Always wear approved eye and face protection when handling paintball guns.

Put on ASTM Specification F1776 goggles and full mask. Make sure the X7 is not loaded and turn the safety on. Apply the manufacturer’s barrel sleeve and cord by sliding the sleeve over the barrel and slipping the cord over the hand grip. Adjust the cord so it is snug, but leave some slack so you can remove it. Lock the cord fastener.

2. Point the dangerous end of the X7 away from you and others. Slightly loosen the air tank by turning it to the left, about 75 percent of a full turn. The air tank should seal. If air continues to escape, turn the tank 5 percent more to the left. Repeat until the air stops. If air continues to escape, the tank valve, tank pin or tank o-ring may be malfunctioning. Replace the tank or return it to the manufacturer for maintenance. Only a trained professional should attempt to fix an air tank.

3. Pull the bolt cocking handle back about half way. Squeeze the trigger and slide the cocking handle forward so the X7 is not cocked. Turn the safety on. Locate the o-ring in the marker’s air intake valve. Remove the o-ring and replace it with a urethane o-ring. Urethane o-rings tolerate higher pressures and more stress than other o-rings.

Fix X7 Launch Failure

4. Learning fix your marker and carrying spare parts can save you from defeat.

Turn the safety on and ensure the X7 is not loaded. Cover the barrel with the barrel sleeve and fasten the cord over the hand grip. Remove the air tank by turning it to the left, about 75 percent of a full turn. Wait for the air tank to seal, and then continue to turn the tank until it is detached from the X7. Point the dangerous end of the X7 away from you and others, turn the safety off and squeeze the trigger until all of the air is released. Pull the bolt cocking handle back about halfway. Squeeze the trigger, and let the cocking handle slide forward so the marker is not cocked.

5. The X7 uses a 9-V battery.

Remove the battery cover and replace the battery with a new 9-V battery. Replace the battery cover. Test the X7 under safe conditions. If the problem persists, continue to step 3.

6. Take care of your equipment so you can maximize your playing time.

Push and pull the two push pins (part TA10045, located directly above the hand grip section) from both sides until they snap loose. Pull the hand grip section away from the gun and turn the X7 upside down.

7. Remove the silver trigger pin with small needle-nose pliers. If the pin is bent, replace it. Using a 1/8-inch Allen wrench, gently tighten the brass plug that you pulled the silver trigger pin out of. Gently turn the brass plug clockwise until it is flush. Do not over tighten. Put a small amount of the manufacturer’s oil on the silver trigger pin and place it into the brass plug. Replace the hand grip and trigger section by sliding it back into the marker. Replace the push pins. The X7 is now ready to operate as designed.