Fix Air Coming Out Of The Pull Trigger Of A Paintball Gun

A paintball gun mimics the look and feel of the real weapon it replicates. A gas-firing paintball gun uses compressed air to fire a projectile. A leak in the firing chamber can cause air to be expelled from around the trigger mechanism. This will inhibit the needed pressure to fire the projectile. To fix the leak in the trigger, use tools that will allow for the partial disassembly of the gun. Supplies from a hardware store will be needed as well. The procedure, with slight differences because of their construction, is similar for all replica guns using compressed air.


1. Remove the ammunition clip from the butt of the paintball gun and place it aside. Cock the sliding plate at the top of the gun toward you. Upend the gun to let any projectile inside the firing chamber fall out. Return the sliding plate to its original position.

2. Place the paintable gun on a table with the barrel facing right. Remove the screws from around the handle, around the trigger and from the front and back top edges with a Phillips screwdriver. Remove the screws that are at the bottom edge of the barrel and at the top edge in front of the hammer at the left side.

3. Push in on the locking plate inside the front of the barrel. Rotate the plate counterclockwise and remove it. Pull the top shell of the gun off and place it aside.

4. Unscrew the socket at the bottom of the black tube lying in the inside top edge of the gun. Pull the hose off the socket. Remove any screws on the left and right sides of the gun with the screwdriver. Pull the black tube out of the gun. Place the tube on the table with the protruding metal tip facing right.

5. Pull the metal tip out of the tube. Reinsert the metal tip into the tube. Rotate the tip back and forth. Push the metal tip into the tube until you hear a click. Rotate the tip so that the two screws on each side are both vertical.

6. Place the tube back in the gun with the socket facing down. Place the hose back on the socket. Tighten the socket. Reattach any screws on the tube that were removed earlier.

7. Place the top shell back on the gun. Insert the locking plate into the front of the gun. Rotate the locking plate so that the tab is facing down. Reattach the screws into the top shell. Insert the clip back into the butt of the gun.