Fix An Airsoft Gearbox

An airsoft gun can mimic a real weapon.

Airsoft guns are popular because they mimic real weapons in the way they load and fire. A semi-automatic airsoft gun uses a gearbox to enable rapid fire capabilities. Repeated firing over time can cause the gearbox to weaken and work erratically. You can fix the gearbox by reinforcing its construction, although the gearbox plate must first be removed from the gun. You will also need a high-intensity welding alloy from a welding shop supply store and experience in using a Butane torch.


1. Place newspaper down on a work surface. Place the gearbox plate down on the newspaper with the protruding arm at the lower bottom facing left.

2. Sandpaper the gearbox in the protruding arm with the rough grit sandpaper. Blow off the gearbox with compressed air and wipe the exposed side with the rough clean cloth.

3. Place the top jaw of the C-clamp against a back corner edge on the gearbox. Twist the bottom of the C-clamp to close the top and bottom jaws.

4. Apply flux liberally to the gearbox with the flux rod.

5. Ignite the Butane torch using the attached self-start button. Aim the torch at the gearbox and move it back and forth and up and down around the gearbox. Continue until the flux begins to change color and turn brown.

6. Remove the high intensity welding alloy rod from its container.

7. Hold the tip of the alloy rod against the gearbox. Continue moving the Butane torch around the gearbox so that it melts the alloy and deposits it onto the gearbox. Follow the contours of the gearbox with the tip of the alloy rod as it continues to melt.

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8. Remove the rod from the gearbox when the gearbox has been completely covered with alloy.

9. Extinguish the flame of the Butane torch by pressing the “off” button.

10. Insert the portable drill into the holes on the gearbox. Move the drill around to smooth down the sides inside of the holes.

11. Blow off the gearbox plate with the compressed air. The plate can now be reassembled into the gun.