Fix An Airsoft Gun

Airsoft guns are replica weapons designed to shoot plastic pellets. Most are manually operated, with a spring propelling the pellets. They’ve become popular with people who want to shoot targets or play recreational war games without the danger of real weapons or the mess of paintball. With the increasingly popularity of Airsoft, more users are discovering the hardware’s limitations, which has spawned a grassroot’s movement of custom enhancements and personal repairs.


1. Discharge your Airsoft gun as completely as possible. While the broken component may partially prevent this, be sure to do everything possible to empty clips, pellet bins and chambers.

2. Remove the clip and any other accessories. A broken Airsoft gun is likely due to the main components of the gun, rather than the accessories, which are often cosmetic and less prone to damage. Removing them will allow you easier access to those components in need of repair. Unscrew and remove plastic trim from active barrel. While not applicable to all Airsoft guns, many have a separate layer of trim that enhances the cosmetic appeal of the gun, but is not actually essential to the Airsoft’s operation. Unscrew any barrel trim or rails.

3. Plunge the barrel. Typically, Airsoft guns come equipped with a plastic rod intended for use in dislodging stuck BBs. Push the rod in as far as possible, then apply a small amount of pressure. Wiggle the rod, but do not shake the gun.

4. Unscrew and remove the side panel of the Airsoft gun. There are likely to be a number of screws, possibly in two different sizes, so be prepared to keep track of where each came from. Once every screw is removed, the gun should pull easily in half, revealing the inner components.

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5. Realign the spring. Another likely cause of damage to your Airsoft is the detachment of the spring from the firing chamber. Whether this is the case should be evident upon opening the gun. If the screw is not flush and horizontally aligned, one side has likely come loose. The spring typically rests on a central plastic column. Simply squeeze the string and reinsert the loose end back on to the mounting point.

6. Glue together damaged components. Why you have the chamber open, look for stress fractures that could indicate where plastic components have been broken off. If the material is black, then stresses may be evident by white or lightened plastic. Re-glue any bits of broken off plastic that may be lying loose inside the case. Allow to dry for 12 hours.

7. Screw the gun panels back together and reattach any trim and accessories.