Fix An O Ring On A Spyder Ts

Fix an O Ring on a Spyder TS

Having your Spyder TS paintball gun in good working order can mean the difference between winning and losing. The Kingman Spyder Tactical Sniper, or Spyder TS, is a paintball gun with a lengthened barrel and tighter tolerances than a standard Spyder Xtra paintball gun it is built on. This means that the gas system must work flawlessly to ensure paintballs leave the barrel at the right velocity so they will break. The O-rings in the system are an essential component to the gas system. They must be replaced periodically to keep the system working.


1. Remove the CO2 bottle. Empty the paint hopper. Pull upwards on the cocking pin. Remove the Deldrin bolt. Place your thumb on the rear of the striker plug. Unscrew the striker plug with your free hand. Remove the striker plug/velocity adjuster assembly, striker spring and striker bolt.

2. Unscrew the velocity adjuster from the striker plug. Replace the #10 and #15 O-rings on the velocity adjuster. Reassemble the velocity adjuster and striker plug. Replace the #14.3 O-ring on the striker bolt. You must use this type of O-ring on the striker bolt or the gun will not function properly.

3. Reinsert the striker bolt with the O-ring facing forward and the hole facing upward. Apply thumb pressure to the rear of the bolt. Depress the trigger. Continue applying pressure and pressing the trigger until the bolt is seated.

4. Insert the buffer flush with the bolt. Insert the spring through the buffer. Insert the striker plug. Tighten the striker plug. Insert the Deldrin bolt. Press down on the cocking pin.